Diagnostics & Fault Finding

Audi TT at Volks Autos
Audi TT in for diagnostics at Volks Autos.

At Volks Autos we are fully up to date with the latest VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) diagnostic equipment and software, using diagnostic software called ODIS which stands for Offboard Diagnostic Information System.

ODIS has been developed to make diagnostic work more interactive, with the benefit of being able to directly link diagnostic test plans with workshop manuals, wiring diagrams, technical bulletins and more for all Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda vehicles to help us clearly identify the fault.

VAG vehicles are constantly moving forward technically and it is necessary for us to keep up with these developments. Vehicle components commonly are requiring more and more technically involved operations carried out on them such as, adaptations, ECU coding, and software updates. It is also necessary to carry out work within the immobiliser system, which can only be completed using licensed diagnostic equipment from Volkswagen. Unless the garage working on your vehicle is using ODIS they are not using the most up to date diagnostic equipment necessary to be able to communicate and diagnose faults effectively.

ODIS - Offboard Diagnostic Information System.

We are able to check for any technical bulletins realised by VW Germany for common faults in response to particular issues that may occur in your vehicle, checking here first will ensure none of your time or money is wasted looking for faults that the manufacturer has already identified and released a fix for. To work effectively on your vehicle you need to ensure you have a trained VAG technician using ODIS.

Although computer diagnostics are an essential to work on today’s vehicles, we feel that it is as important to have the right experience. In our workshop we have a combined 90 years experience working on VAG vehicles, that allows us to work on your vehicle to main dealer standards and beyond. We are very proud of our experienced VW trained technicians, visit our meet the team section for more details.

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