Cambelt & Water Pump Replacement

Audi Cambelt Replacement at Volks Autos
David Markwell replacing a cambelt at Volks Autos.

At Volks Autos we know that a cambelt change (timing belt) at the correct interval is one of the most important service items to keep up to date. The purpose of the cambelt is to maintain the correct timing of the engine. The correct timing of the engine is necessary due to valves opening and closing at specific times in relation to the specific position of pistons during their stroke, simply if a valve would be fully open and a piston at the top of its stroke, this would be incorrect timing, and can result in major engine failure.

Over time and mileage the material of a cambelt will wear and deteriorate, in addition tensioners, idler rollers, and water pumps are all susceptible to wearing out. If any of these parts become worn to a point at which they fail, this can result in major engine damage.

At Volks Autos we like to leave nothing to chance when we replace your cambelt. All our quotes include the cambelt kit with tensioners and rollers and new antifreeze. We also automatically include a water pump when it is driven by the cambelt. Water pumps can fail in more than one way, so for this reason it is advised and economical to replace this along with the cambelt at no extra labour cost. If however you do not wish to have your water pump replaced please let us know and we can adjust the price accordingly.

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