Meet the Team

In the Volks Autos workshop we have over 90 years of main dealer Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda & VW Commercial experience. All our technicians previously worked at Epsom Audi, VW Driftbridge or VW Commercial Southern Motor Group. David handpicked our technicians after previously working alongside them.

All of our technicians have attended countless training courses at VW's UK head office in Milton Keynes. Together we have more qualifications and training courses completed than we could possibly list. Being a VAG specialist we can still send our staff to VW's head office at Milton Keynes to attend training courses, a selection of our certificates and qualifications are displayed in our customer waiting area.

The Volks Autos Team
The Volks Autos team celebrate the new workshop.

David Rowley // Owner

David Rowley

David has been a technician for twenty five years. People travel long distances to meet David and to have him work on their vehicle. David is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about what he does and has surrounded himself by a team of likeminded skilled people.

David really enjoys any challenge when it comes to working on the vehicles, he finds getting to the bottom of the more technical faults very rewarding. Firstly trying to experience or reproduce the fault, then carrying out an investigation into the fault using the necessary tools and diagnostic equipment, ruling out various possible causes with his vast experience across the VAG brand. There are reviews all over the VAG forums about David.

Lynsey Rowley // Company Director

Lynsey Rowley met her husband David while working at VW Driftbridge main dealer in 2004. After leaving the Driftbridge Lynsey worked for a large publishing house for 7 years in a sales management role. During this time Lynsey developed her key skills in strategy planning and implementation.

Lynsey started working with David at Volks Autos in 2011, where she discovered her calling to run and lead the business. From day one she used the negative experiences of customers visiting main dealers to ensure they took a different approach. By implementing ideas that she believed would make the process of being a Volks Autos customer a more enjoyable experience.

Lynsey is responsible for booking training programs at Volks Autos, our staff receive the same training at the Volkswagen Training Academy in Milton Keynes (The UK head office for the Volkswagen group) as you would find in a franchised main dealer.

Lynsey does not see running Volks Autos as work, she has too much passion for the industry and is very proud of the success of the company. Looking to the future Lynsey is currently working hard on launching our new sister company VAG Performance (insert link on VAG performance) that is dedicated to becoming the best performance company in London, unleashing the full potential of your vehicle through remapping and a wide range of hardware products. Look out for our new shop inside our reception area coming soon.

Jamie Mann // Master Technician

Jamie Mann

Jamie Mann previously worked at VW Driftbridge in Epsom for 24 years and has 34 years experience of being a technician. Jamie was one of the first VW master technicians in the country and also one of the first authorised technical contacts for head office.

Jamie has attended the Wolfsburg plant in North Germany, HQ of the Volkswagen group twice. He has so many certificates and accreditations to his name we can only put a selection on our wall.

Today Jamie still has as much passion for the job as he did when he began his career 34 years ago. Jamie's experience and knowledge make him an invaluable member of the team.

Matthew Rawlings // Senior Technician

Matthew Rawlings

Matthew has over 25 years experience being a technician, 11 years with VW main dealers. He has worked as a senior technician in Canada for two years, giving him worldwide VW experience.

When speaking to Matthew his passion for what he does is clear. He uses his experience and expertise to always give our customers the best options. Matthew is very experienced with the ever growing technology on the cars, and very good at locating common areas of where problems lie, using our VAG diagnostic equipment to diagnose vehicles quickly and efficiently.

Matthew enjoys the variation in his work, whether it would be an air conditioning, electrical or mechanical fault. Mathew is currently converting his 1970's Beetle in his spare time.

Mark Sanders // Technician

Mark Sanders

Don't let his boyish good looks deceive you. Mark has 7 years VW experience. As Mark says "He grew up working on Volkswagen cars", his father has always owned one and so has he.

Mark completed his apprenticeship at VW Driftbridge and then went on to study an advanced apprenticeship at VW's UK head office in Milton Keynes, an opportunity only a few are granted.

Mark is popular with our customers as he is always willing to help and explain things in more technical detail if needed. Like the rest of the team, Mark enjoys the fact that no two days are the same when working on vehicles and enjoys using his experience to correctly diagnose and repair our customer's vehicles.

Shamel Hyatt // Commercial Technician

Shamel Hyatt

Shamel is the person to go to for all your VW commercial vehicles. He has over 8 years of commercial vehicle experience. Before joining us Shamel used to work at Southern Motor Group.

Shamel is happy to take on any size of job while others might shy away from the big jobs you will always find him getting stuck into an engine strip down or removing a gearbox from a VW Transporter or Crafter.

Shamel has always wanted to be a VW commercial technician he finds them more interesting to work on and enjoys the extra space you get when working on these bigger vehicles.

David Markwell // Technician

David Markwell

David is a fantastic technician with a real passion for all things Audi. David joined us in May 2015 after working at Epsom Audi for 4 years, previously he worked for H.R. Owen a BMW main dealer for 8 years. David started his career working with BMW, starting his apprenticeship at HR Owen, but he is now well and truly an Audi tech!

David's ambition is to become an Audi master technician and this is something we are keen to support him with. The opportunity for him to work alongside David Rowley was too good an opportunity for him to pass up, in his own words, "I have a lot of experience, but I want to take my career to the top of the industry, working alongside David Rowley and being within the Audi training programme is an exciting and challenging opportunity for me".

As with our entire team, David is polite and helpful to customers. David enjoys interacting with customers, which isn't something technicians generally have the opportunity to do in franchised dealerships.

Oruc Cayan // Technician

Oruc Cayan

Oruc joined us as an apprentice and studied his apprenticeship through Carshalton College. David wanted to take on an apprentice when our business started to grow as he found it difficult himself when he tried to find an apprenticeship many years ago and it was important for him to give something back.

Employing Oruc as an apprentice has been one of the best things we have done. Oruc is a natural and is turning into a fantastic technician he has real potential to go all the way in this industry, He is part of the family now and a pleasure to work with.

Oruc has worked very closely with David since day one, and has adopted the same attention to detail as David, combined with Orcu's work ethic this has been a successfully story. We are excited for the future. As he has now graduated we have recently taken on a new apprentice to fill his shoes.

Oruc is extremely thorough when looking over vehicles, if your vehicle has a screw loose on your ash tray this man will spot it!

Joe Mann // Apprentice

Joe Mann

Joe is the son of the legendary Jamie Mann and has been working on cars with his dad since he was 10 years old. Joe is doing his apprenticeship at Carshalton College.

Joe loves working in the garage and is very enthusiastic and keen to learn. We are looking forward to supporting Joe and passing on our knowledge and experience to him as long as he keeps making the tea for the boys in the workshop he will go a long way like his father.

Chris Leppard // Service Manager

Chris Leppard

Chris Leppard previously worked with David at Epsom Audi, he started his career as an apprentice at Mercedes and became a qualified Mercedes technician for a number of years, before moving to VW Lookers in Morden as a service advisor. Chris has also worked as a service advisor at Epsom Audi and Southern Motor Group (VW Commercial Vehicles).

Chris does an excellent job of explaining and talking things through with customers in regards to work that needs to be done, so customers understand what work is being carried out to their vehicle and costs involved. Chris is always helpful, polite, and proactive which means when your vehicle is being repaired with us you will receive a much more helpful and trustworthy approach.

Chris still enjoys getting his hands dirty in the workshop from time to time if needed. He also enjoys meeting new people and interacting with our customers. He is responsible for handling our many account customers who bring their fleets of vehicles to us for servicing and repairs. Chris is also account handler for our leasing companies through the 1Link platform.

Darren Finch // Service Advisor

Darren previously worked alongside David at Wilson's in Epsom for 10 years as a service advisor and then workshop manager. Darren has always worked in the motor trade and has a wealth of experience and technical knowledge. Nothing is too much trouble for Darren and although only being with us since April 2015 Darren has fitted straight in with the team and already has customer's recognising him and has a handful of positive reviews on the Honest John website about the high level of service he offers.

Darren's main focus is to ensure customers are updated with the progress of their vehicle while in our workshop, and that our customers clearly understand what work is being carried out. Don't let Darren's photo shyness fool you he is a very happy man!

Shaun Miranda // Driver

Shaun Miranda

Shaun joined our team in July 2014 when we expanded our collection and delivery service with a wide catchment area covering all over London, and customers coming from all over surrey and some from Sussex, we realised we needed someone to solely look after our collection and delivery service, Shaun was the man! After previously working alongside Chris Leppard (our Service Manager) at Southern motor group we were confident Shaun had the right attributes to bring to this role.

Shaun will arrange a time slot to pick up your vehicle whether from your home or work place, and if you have any requirements which will help make being without your car less stressful, he's your man! Shaun will often be seen helping parents with child seats in and out of cars or dropping customers to local train & tube stations and local high streets.

Previously having worked at VW Lookers a main dealer in Morden Shaun has picked up quite a lot of technical knowledge and customers often remark when he collects or drops off their vehicle how knowledgeable he is.