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The Accredited VAG Specialists

At Volks Autos we're accredited as a leading VAG specialist in South-London - delivering a solid service through passion and integrity. At Volks Autos we're recommended as a top 10 garage in London by Honest Johns' Good Garage Guide.

Volks Auto is a top 10 garage in London

Honest John

Honest John started work in the motor trade in 1959 and bought his first car in 1964. His award-winning agony column first appeared in the Daily Telegraph's Saturday Motoring section in January 1995 and he has since helped many tens of thousands of people with their motoring problems.

Honest John has proven to be such a guru in the industry he has his own website www.honestjohn.co.uk that has a section dedicated to good garages. According to the users of Honest John Volks Autos are the 3rd most trustworthy garage out of 418 in London, something we are very proud of.

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